We are RTY International, a holding company committed to sustainable human development, acquiring and managing businesses across various sectors to promote progress and sustainability. Its focus lies in creating synergies and strategic opportunities among subsidiaries and stakeholders, aiming to generate a positive impact on society and the environment.

Companies within the RTY INTERNATIONAL group benefit from a range of advantages stemming from this approach. These benefits include:

Sustainable Growth

Subsidiaries have access to resources and support to develop responsible business practices.

Operational Efficiency

RTY INTERNATIONAL promotes a constant pursuit of operational excellence.

Access to Capital

Being part of RTY INTERNATIONAL provides access to new financing and expansion opportunities.

Innovation and Differentiation

RTY INTERNATIONAL values the opportunity to develop creative and technologically advanced solutions.

Credibility and Trust

Recognized for its integrity and transparency, RTY INTERNATIONAL fosters trust generation in all its operations.

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  • Urquiza 17, Villa Mercedes, San Luis.
  • Av. Tavella 1227, Salta Capital.
  • Maipú 420, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.
  • Calle Diego de Fritrs y Juan Pablo II. Fiambala S/n, Catamarca.


  • Rambla O. Higgins 5037 dpto 202. Montevideo.
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